Branxton Preschool is a non profit
community based Preschool that operates

41 weeks of the year from 8.15am to 3.45pm.
We cater for children aged from 3 to 6 yrs.


The preschool is run by a parent Management Committee. The Management Committee comprises of parents and community representatives. Committee meetings are held each month. Upon enrolling your child, parents are encouraged to become members of the preschool.

We aim to work together in partnership and strive to ensure that preschool is an extension of home.  Families and staff work to form a community with common goals.


Statement of Purpose

Branxton Preschool is dedicated to providing children aged between 3 – 6 years with the foundations that encourage them towards a lifetime of learning. Branxton Preschool works in partnership with other organisations at a local level to improve the access to our service and the provision of high quality educational programs in preparation of children entering school.


The Preschool History

Branxton Preschool commenced in 1987 as a community initiative. The preschool first began in a small building on the side of the Community Hall. This building was shared between the Playgroup and Preschool. Preschool sessions were held for 3 days a week with a combination of morning and afternoon session to provide flexible opportunities for both services to run in the same building.


Parents and community members had a vision to provide an educational preschool program for children 5 days a week. Cessnock City Council became a partner and provided the land for the new preschool to be built on.


In 1996 the new building was opened (now called the Wonnarua Room). Starting with a licence for 20 and quickly growing to a 27 licenced place preschool in 1997.


In 2006 a transportable building was purchased with the assistance of Cessnock City Council and located on site and the playground extended. Corporate donations were received to purchase the necessary furniture and equipment to enable the service to commence operation. The preschool relicensed to take 2 year olds and increased numbers to 36 Monday, Tuesday & Friday and 39 Wednesday & Thursday. The new room officially opened in March 2006 and was named the Dallanjir Room.


The Aboriginal names for each room were approved by Aboriginal Elders within the Wonnarua tribe. Each name has a significant meaning:

Wonnarua – place of origin

Dallanjir – place of new beginnings.


In 2009 preschool again re-licenced to take 50 children per day and changed the hours from 8.30 – 3.30pm. Today the preschool continues to operate a community based, not for profit preschool, the land continues to be leased through Cessnock City Council and parents and community members continue to manage the service. This is an amazing community achievement and a true sign of community spirit and commitment to success from all people involved with Branxton Preschool over the years.


Generations of families have bought their children to Branxton Preschool and it is lovely to now see parents who attended the preschool coming back with their children.  Many of our families often comment about the physical changes and growth of the preschool but acknowledge the warmth and community spirit they feel upon returning after many years away. The sense of belonging and being a part of a preschool family has remained over the years.



We encourage our families to be actively involved and engaged in our preschool community. We pride ourselves in building a partnership between preschool and home. As a preschool family member your involvement is encouraged by; reading our newsletters, joining our Facebook page, completing surveys, attending parent nights, events and meetings, participating in fundraising events, assisting with working bees, reading our journal and providing feedback in these, as well as talking to others about what is happening within our beautiful preschool and sharing your time within our preschool family.


We both value and welcome your support. You and your family are an important part of our Preschool family and you play an active role in advocating for our community based preschool.


Preschool Information

Branxton Preschool is a not for profit community based organisation and is licenced by the Department of Education. The preschool is licenced for 50 children per day, 41 weeks in the year and is managed by the parents of the children attending the preschool in collaboration with the preschool Director.


The preschool is licensed to operate 41weeks of the year and is open during the NSW Department of Education school terms from Monday to Friday between 8.15am-3.45pm.


As a community based not for profit organization, the preschool is funded primarily by fees and some operational funding received from the Department of Education. The Preschool is proud to provide highly qualified Early Childhood Educators who are committed to professional developments. The preschool also takes pride in providing a higher Educator:child ratio than regulation standards making our service highly sort after within our local and wider community.


Learning Environment

The learning program offered at Branxton Preschool is based around our service philosophy in conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework – Being, Becoming and Belonging.


Educators aim to create positive learning environments and guide experiences for each child in conjunction with their family. Educators will observe children and facilitate their learning to provide each child with an individualised portfolio by documenting their learning journey throughout the year. Children and their families are encouraged to participate in the ongoing process to promote engaged learning and build positive partnerships between home and preschool.


The learning experiences are based on the children’s interests and involve the Educators “tuning in” and responding to children’s views and building on their ideas.


We aim to:

  • create a learning environment that is rich in materials and interactions—with opportunities for children to practice choosing, negotiating, problem solving, thinking and taking risks.

  • encourage children to explore  experiences, materials, relationships, and ideas through a variety of open-ended resources.

  • create opportunities for inquiry— one where children can ask questions, gather information, investigate, consider possibilities, formulate conclusions and test and justify them actively.



We welcome visitors to our preschool. Having visitors to our service enables us to engage and share our passion for quality early childhood education within our community.


We encourage visitors to our service from Early Intervention support services, Speech, other outreach programs to call the preschool to arrange their visits to ensure the children’s program runs smoothly and with little disruption. As we are only a small preschool, having all visits pre-arranged and notification to the Educators allows us to communicate with parents and the children in our care. This ensure that the children are not overwhelmed by a large number of visitors on any given day.  Please call the preschool on 49381990 if you would like to arrange a visit and have a look through our beautiful preschool.


Our Team

Branxton Preschool believes that high quality early childhood education is provided by experienced and qualified Educators. For this reason our Management team continue to employ above the regulatory required number of Educator: Child ratios. This commitment sets us apart from other preschools.


Our team of passionate and enthusiastic Educators embrace the preschool Philosophy and work in partnership with the families and community to create a place of belonging and a sense of family.


Branxton Preschool is lead by an Early Childhood qualified Director with the support of parent Management Committee. Our Pedagogy is lead by an Early Childhood qualified teacher and our Educational team are all very experienced and have qualifications in the Early Childhood field. The Team has a very strong commitment to professional  development and training opportunities throughout the year.